Frequently Asked Questions

Here are Party Buses Charleston we are well aware that the vast majority of our customers aren't going to be intimately knowledgeable of our industry and unfamiliar with the reservation policies and the rules on board our buses.

Below we have laid out a simple list of pertinent information to help get you informed. With this, we wish to provide you with a basic level of understanding about the industry and, our company policies in particular. You will find that we strictly obey all of the state laws that govern our industry. This strict adherence pretty much covers the rules we have in place while you are on board our vehicles. Of course this is in addition to not destroying the bus of course!

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to give us a call.

We service absolutely any and all events. We get calls daily from clients looking to book a party bus for anything from weddings to nights of bar hopping, sweet 16s, proms, retirement parties, graduation parties, fund raisers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, date nights, anniversaries, surprise parties, tailgating, concerts, and pretty much any other event you can think of and we provide service for them all!

Yes, alcohol is allowed in our vehicles. Our party buses feature amazing bar areas with custom counter tops, coolers, and glassware. Drinking is allowed, as long as you of legal drinking age or older. No under age persons may bring alcohol onto the vehicles or drink on the vehicles. This policy is strictly enforced. If you have any questions regarding our policies for transporting minors, please give us a call.

No. Party Buses Charleston cannot and does not provide any alcohol for you. If you are of legal drinking age or older and you wish to consume alcohol on the vehicles you must bring you own on board.

Party Buses Charleston operates 24/7 all year long, including holidays! We are always here to provide our great luxury transportation services! Because we never close, we are able to accommodate you and your party no matter what time or date you have it planned!

Our buses are all beautiful and unique. Each bus features a spacious custom interior with comfortable leather seats, the finest quality wood floors, colorful club-like lighting, multiple TVs, superior sound systems, bar areas, dance poles, and much more. If you'd like to come in and see our vehicles just give us a call and set up a time! If there's a particular vehicle you're interested in please let us know so we can make sure it's available at the time you'd like to come look!

If you're interested in booking a rental with us and would like to know the cost, please give us a call or send us an email. We don't publish rates online, but it only takes a few quick minutes over the phone for us to give you a quote!

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